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Why use
Rapid-poste ?
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Shipping Guide
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Rapid-Poste offers you appropriate solutions answering your specific needs :

International personalised Rapid-Poste :
A service of express international delivery, insured by our partners abroad, with reduced periods for 220 destinations.

National Rapid-Poste :
A service of express delivery one day after the deposit in the whole Tunisian territory.

National Personalised Rapid-Poste :
Delivery solutions appropriate to your very urgent shipments in the whole Tunisian territory.

Rapid-Poste with Guaranteed periods :
A service which guarantees you a delivery the following day before 10.00 a.m. in all the governorates (working days).

Rapid-Poste Back/Forth :
A service of speed Rapid-Poste for your shipments, allowing to receive in return a document (Delivery form, bill,…).

Clearance of customs :
For the clearance of customs operations of your shipments in Import, Rapid-Poste proposes to you a service of clearance of customs.


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