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Clearance of customs service

The clearance of customs service of the Tunisian Post was created to accelerate the clearance of customs of your shipments coming from abroad via Rapid-Poste.

This service allows you to benefit from different advantages :

Rapidity : From the arrival of your shipment in Tunisia, we treat your folder on best times.

Proximity : A direct contact with clearance of customs service, we avoid you useless travelling.

Effectiveness : Qualified agencies guarantee the good treatment of your folder and the achievement of the different required formalities.

Economy : Whatever is the number of the articles, a unique tariff for every folder.

To contact the clearance of customs service :

Phone : 71.941.551 / 71.941.124
Fax : 71 .941.561 / 71.941.124
Address : Complexe Postal Tunis-Carthage - Services Transit

E-mail :



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